The Barnstable Democratic Town Committee welcomes registered Democrats to attend our meetings as guests.
Contact for more information:

All Registered Democrats are eligible for membership when there are slots available, members are elected to different levels of membership. Interested? Come and check out a meeting!


3 Responses to Membership

  1. capecuz says:

    I just sent the following letter to the CC Times and the Barnstable Patriot.

    The hatefulness of the Republican Party is out of control. The first day I put an Obama sticker on my new car, someone left a nice scratch across the hood. I have had my garden torn up, sprinkler heads destroyed and my Barack Obama and John Kerry Signs flattened by a truck. I bought more signs and they were all stolen. How do you think our youngest daughter felt getting off the school bus and seeing vandalism and destruction in her own front yard. The place where she should to feel safe? Now I’m angry that my children are afraid that people are lurking around our property and wondering what they will do next? I guess it’s another example of the Republican double standards. They don’t stop to think how they would feel if it were their home and their children witnessing such acts of hate.
    It was done in the middle of the day while children are in school. This was not just kids playing a prank. These were intentional, malicious, criminal acts by angry cowardly adults who sneak around when no one is watching.
    These criminals don’t even know us! We are upstanding, hardworking Americans. We are Foster Parents, American Red Cross volunteers. We have worked with Hospice, with people with disabilities and been Captains for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. We’ve taught Sunday school, been Cub Scout Leaders, coached soccer and done animal rescue. I think we’re entitled to an opinion without being persecuted. What happened to freedom of speech? Why do these bullies feel that they have a right to harass my family and to trespass and destroy my property because we don’t share the same political views? These terrorists certainly don’t represent decent Americans or a party that I wish to see running our great country.
    I’m fed up with the hate!
    Brian Billiter
    West Barnstable

  2. capecuz says:

    I am available on Tuesday to drive people to the polls. Let me know what your needs are.
    Brian Billiter

  3. barnstabledemocrats says:

    Are you interested in becoming a member? Contact Patrick!

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