January Meeting Wed 1/9/2013

7:00 PM call to order:

NEWS AND UPDATES ON THE – * NEXT * – SENATE ELECTION – Discussion about organizing in advance, recruiting etc.

 Approval of minutes
 Treasurer’s report
 Good wishes’ report
 Election of regular members, associate members & officers
 New Business
o Plans for FEB caucus for June convention regarding MA Dem platform
 Old business
o St. Patrick’s Day
 Announcements, correspondence, and upcoming events


Please make your annual donation; our committee needs your membership donations to support our candidates and activities.

• Regular members $25.00
• Associate members $15.00

If you have a financial hardship and need to give less- please speak with Diane, Janet or Sean and we will keep the discussion confidential. Please don’t let a donation keep you from being involved!
If you have any questions about annual donations, please contact with Diane Parvin, treasurer:

Janet Joakim – Chair – JanetJoakim@gmail.com or 562-546-2632
or Bonnie Oliphint Corresponding Secretary BJCHARLIE@VZW.BLACKBERRY.NET

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