Perry’s Pattern of Untruths as Chronicled in the Press

January 31, 2010

We need to get out the vote for Bill Keating!

Polls show most voters don’t know that Jeff Perry is Pro-Life/Anti-Choice, Against Gay Marriage, and in favor of the Death Penalty. His positions are in line with the radical right, the Tea Party groups, and religious radicals.

Share this post with your friends, spread the word. Lets not allow this man to represent us in WASHINGTON! We need to move forward, not backward….

The following is a collection of  links to some of the stories that show why Jeff Perry would be an embarrassment as our Congressman. This story has been growing as more media look at the court records, use the Freedom of Information Act, (F.O.I.) to obtain police reports and more details, and track the responses Perry has made over the past 10 years – from his run for State Rep, to the current run for Congress – vs the truth in records.

Almost as important as the reporting of the actual records of the strip search, are the responses Perry and his supporters have given. We read in letters and hear from Perry phrases like “that’s old news” and “the people in his (state Rep) district knew all of this and voted for him anyways” and from Perry himself, “these questions have been asked and answered.”

NOT TRUE. The story wasn’t out there in past races! The CCTimes hit brick walls trying to get the police reports and detailed records!

Rather than own up to these past mistakes, Perry lied and ducked and dodged when confronted with questions about the incidents. Perry has wound his web of lies over the years and the truth is now coming out from other sources and he is being confronted with his behavior and his lies. And, he still responds with ducks and dodges, deflection, and lies.

We learn that he lied about the incident on his application for the BAR. We learn that he lied in responses made to past reporter inquiries…. His web is getting tangled and slowly he is getting caught up in it…

Bill Keating is a District Attorney who prosecutes people like this.

We need to get out the vote for Bill Keating!

Joseph P Caiazzo
Field Organizer
Bill Keating for Congress

to volunteer, put a sign in your yard, make some calls etc ….



Boston Globe October 8, 2010:

Former boss now backs Perry

Ex-police chief had doubted candidate’s candor

October 8, 20010

The Atlantic

Massachusetts Races Get Interesting

Channel 5 – Team 5 Investigates: YouTube Video

Sept 25, 2010
10th Congressional Dist Candidate Reacts To Speech

Boston Herald August 18
Jeff Perry blasted over strip–search scandal
GOP rivals face off
May 25, 2010

Plymouth Daily News Jeff Perry; “Dead man walking.”

Boston Globe – May 15, 2010
Candidate had key role in strip search scandal:

May 15, 2010
Cape Cod Times
Perry’s Link to Strip Searches in the Spotlight:


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